On to the NXT One – Divas Shine Edition (Mar.5)

Last night’s edition of NXT was clearly meant to push more mid to lower card performers. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing this, I just felt they could have executed certain things in a different way. With that being said, whatever was showcased from top performers, including the top divas, was incredible.

Opening Montage

I might be wrong about Owens and Balor, because the opening promo was clearly about them. In fact I couldn’t be more wrong about the entire Rhyno feud, because these Owens and Balor are set to compete on March 25th. I actually thought this was an awesome montage, and it gives me the feeling that this feud will be competition based as opposed to a personal grudge.

Adam Rose vs Tyler Breeze

I found this matchup very interesting, considering how both of these men have very flamboyant personalities. We saw Breeze last week, but I was happy to see him in an actual match. The theatrics of this match were hilarious, I think their personalities went well together. There wasn’t much to the physical part of this bout, and it was much shorter than I thought. Breeze could have landed some more offense before landing the beauty shot. I didn’t mind this as an opener, but I felt like it could have been more effective with an Itami interference at the end.

Blake & Murphy vs Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton

Before the start of this match, it was smart to have Enzo & Cass get in their words, it was a great way to further the feud .I didn’t expect the champs to square off against Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins. Obviously Fulton and Dawkins weren’t going to beat the tag champions, and they didn’t come close. This was a squash match to show how good Blake & Murphy truly are, and to give them some much needed credibility. To be honest, I found this match incredibly boring.

Baron Corbin vs Tony Briggs

This was another squash match, and I was rather disappointed. My dislike didn’t come from the competitors or the match itself, but the fact this was the 2nd squash match, and 3rd match that lasted no more than 3 minutes.

After this match ended we saw a confrontation with Alex Riley and Kevin Owens, which I found terrible. Owens is the top champion in NXT, why is bullying commentators? It made him look petty more than threatening.

Bull Dempsey vs Solomon Crowe

Crowe wasn’t going to lose this match, it was obvious because this was his first match on NXT. I’m happy these two changed the pacing of their outing, because I would have lost my mind if Crowe squashed Dempsey. It’s been a while since Dempsey has looked credible, but his early beat down on Crowe really helped him look better. While they didn’t put together a masterpiece, this was surprisingly the best match so far.

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks

One of my predictions were right, and it made me happy to see that they allowed Sasha and Charlotte to main event the show. This is an important day for the WWE as a company, because it’s not often that women get to close out a show. The spot of the match was easily the moonsault counter into Sasha getting her knees up with another counter. I found Sasha was in charge for most of the match, and I was shocked but pleased at the same time. By having Sasha take control over Charlotte shows that she is on or above her level. While Banks was looking much stronger, you can’t look away from the amazing spear from Charlotte. I felt as if they could have ended this with a clean win, just to establish Sasha’s dominance once again. Overall, this was a great match, I couldn’t be happier that they had these two close the show.



I felt this show was lackluster in terms of in ring quality because there were one too many squash matches. If they were to drop at least one of these and give the other matches (except the main event) more time, the show would have flowed better. If Charlotte and Sasha didn’t put on such a great match, and the opening montage wasn’t so great, I would have failed this show. Overall I give this edition of NXT a 6.4/10 or a C.

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