NXT Predictions (Mar.4)

I’m hoping that some feuds will get cleared up tonight, especially the Zayn and Owens program. While this might the only feud the roster acts out, we’ll be in store for some planted seeds which will slowly grow within the next few weeks. Since there isn’t anything major going on but the title feud, this show will mainly include some great matches. I think in terms of booking, it’ll keep momentum on the side for wrestlers that are being pushed.

Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn

This is the week I finally predict that Sami Zayn will make his return to Full Sail University. I’d imagine he’ll keep his distance from the current champion, Kevin Owens. The most efficient way to continue this feud would be with a simple promo. Having these men open the show would be a great idea and it’s what I predict for them. Tonight would be the best night to bring Zayn back, before the audience gets confused about who Owens is after.

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks

It’s been revealed on WWE.com that Sasha and Charlotte will compete in a singles match for the NXT Women’s Championship. My bold prediction for tonight is that this match will main event and close out the show. Sasha is obviously coming out on top, because there’s no way she’ll drop the belt on a regular episode of NXT. Also Charlotte is getting closer to making her main roster debut, so putting the title on her wouldn’t be the brightest idea.

Finn Balor/Rhyno

I still refuse to believe that Balor and Owens will be locking horns anytime soon. Finn will still need a distraction before his championship feud, and I predict that Rhyno will be his next test. Last week we saw Balor beat the returning Brian Kendrick, and foresee these two competing against each other again tonight. Kendrick won’t be jobbing to the Irishman, because he’ll most likely win by DQ when Rhyno interferes. If he doesn’t interfere and annihilate Balor with a gore, he’ll find a way to distract him or get his attention after the match.

Solomon Crowe

So I was wrong about Crowe making an appearance last week, but because it’s been two weeks since his last sighting, I predict him competing tonight. His match won’t be anything special, and will most likely be a squash match. Not only will he win his outing tonight, he’ll go on to cut a vague promo in order to give creative some room on where to take his character.

Enzo Amore & Big Cass/ Blake & Murphy

Two weeks ago, we witnessed the start of a brand new tag team program, but Blake & Murphy got the last laugh from their promo. Tonight I’m predicting that Blake & Murphy will square off against the Vaudevillians, and beat them with ease, the same way Enzo & Cass beat them. This time we’ll see the New Jersey natives get the better of the tag champions from either a post match confrontation or by some insults. I hope they save their match for the next special, but I can see them competing in a matter of 2 weeks.


Sometimes predicting NXT can’t be the easiest thing, and I think tonight will be one of those episodes. The writers for the show haven’t set any solid feuds, so it gives them a chance to feel out what fans enjoy and what they don’t enjoy. Keep in mind though, this isn’t the main roster, sometimes having the show spread out randomly can work well .While everything feels vague going into the next few weeks, I’m extremely confident that the feud for Zayn and Owens will grow into a blood feud.

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