The Raw Prediction (Mar. 2)

Last week wasn’t the fastest start to Wrestlemania, and it was too slow considering how they just came off a PPV. I’m expecting this week will move much faster, because we have a few more pieces in place. We might not have all the part timers at tonight’s show, but I’m confident their Mania opponents will grow the feud with their excellent promos.

Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar

With all the drama that’s been surrounding Brock Lesnar and his reported walk out from last week, I don’t expect to see him this week. Brock has two more appearances left before Wrestlemania, and I’d imagine he won’t be around until the March 9th or 16th show. As for Roman Reigns, he’ll stick to working with advocate, Paul Heyman. Personally, I believe Heyman will do a great job at building a good story while Lesnar isn’t there in person. Reigns will continue to play his current role, but we need to see more if his Wrestlemania opponent isn’t present. My prediction for this angle tonight is that Reigns and Heyman cut another promo, and maybe Paul will be a guest on commentary for his match.

Seth Rollins/Randy Orton

Last week the WWE decided to go with a slow build for the inevitable Orton-Rollins feud. Of course this feud can explode at any moment. I’m 100% convinced that Orton will turn on the Authority (again) this week. They’ll be in a similar situation as last week, but this time Orton won’t be as calm. With only 4 Raws left until Mania, we need to see some quality build between these two. Orton has become a very hot babyface, and because of this he’ll be able to give most members of the Authority a RKO. I think that’s about all we’ll see for this week.

Sting/Triple H

Sting only has about 2 appearances left in his contract, so I feel we’ll be seeing him tonight, and hopefully cutting some sort of promo. Obviously Hunter will be there, but they won’t be standing in the ring together, because they need to show that he’s somewhat afraid of Sting. They can’t continue to show video packages for Sting, so he needs to be at Raw tonight in order for this story to advance. Due to his situation, I can’t picture the two getting into anymore but exchanging promos.

Bray Wyatt/Undertaker

If I’m predicting Sting to show up tonight, they won’t have Undertaker on the same show. I’m starting to believe they’re saving Taker’s appearance for Mania. It’s been done that way for the Wrestlemania 20 build, and it seemed to have worked out. I believe Wyatt is strong enough to keep this program going on his own, just by the use of his promos. Tonight will be no different, as he’ll be cutting another promo to call out Undertaker, but I think this week will be much more impactful. I’m predicting they’ll let Bray do something in the ring using a Taker gimmick.

Wade Barrett/Dean Ambrose/Daniel Bryan/R-Truth

It was announced last week that there will be a ladder match for the Intercontinental title at Wrestlemania. Barrett is the first entrant since he has the title, but tonight we’ll be given the next few. I’m predicting that Ambrose, Bryan, and R-Truth will be announced to enter this match. Each of these men have beaten Barrett at one point or another this past month, so automatically they’ll be qualified. Bryan’s addition to the Intercontinental title picture is a good idea, and I believe he’ll add much credibility if he can come out on top for this feud.

John Cena/Rusev

This feud is now going into the direction of American patriotism, which isn’t a bad way to continue this feud. For the sake of Cena’s intelligence, I just hope that he doesn’t come across as ignorant as he did last week. For tonight I’m predicting that Rusev finally attacks a WWE legend, who I’m thinking might be Hogan. Hulkster recently had an appreciation show at MSG this weekend, so there’s a good chance he might be with the WWE crew tonight. If this doesn’t happen, Cena will have to find a way to get his rematch from Rusev through force. I just hope Rusev doesn’t convince himself to give out a rematch.


The deeper we go into Wrestlemania season, the more these feuds will begin to develop. Considering how quiet last week was, I think everything will turn up a notch this week. There’s a good chance that the Reigns-Lesnar feud might be the only one to not receive any build until March 9th or 16th. Honestly, this might be the first time I’m more excited for the mid card title feuds than any other feud.

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