On to the NXT One – Selfie Stick Edition (Feb. 26)

After reading my review, you’ll notice that I was extremely happy with last night’s epsidoe of NXT. The show went back to basics, and they simply entertained us with their wrestling. As I said in my prediction post, these wrestlers don’t always need a story to put forth a good show. Creative furthered the story lines that needed to be, but they didn’t rush anything else.


Hideo Itami vs Bull Dempsey

I felt this match was slightly odd, because we knew Hideo wouldn’t job to Bull. This match probably cemented how Dempsey won’t go any further.  Itami’s striking was absolutely on point, and it looked miraculous. I wish it lasted longer, just so that Bull would still look like a threat. In confidence I can say I called Breeze’s after match interference. The selfie stick was rather over, probably more over than Tyler. While I expected the interference, I didn’t think Itami would get the upper hand.

Lucha Dragons vs Jason Jordan & The Dillenger

I was surprised the Lucha Dragons made an appearance, as I thought they’d be on the main roster by now. The Dragons actually looked weak next to their opponents, just because they don’t normally wrestle men bigger than them. Once the Dragons got moving, they proved to be the better wrestlers in this match. I found it surprising that Jordan and Dillenger were the ones that needed the hot tag, simply because they were squaring off against babyfaces. They must have some sort of plan for Jordan and Dillenger, because that turn came out of nowhere. I felt they could have prefaced this turn, because it just felt random. With the victory, I’m not sure what their plans are for the Lucha Dragons. Did they even need a match tonight? Clearly they’re not setting up for any kind of long term program.

Tye Dillenger vs Baron Corbin

Well, I didn’t expect Dillenger to face Corbin right after his match against the Dragons. There wasn’t much to say about this match because it lasted all of 10 seconds. I think it was placed in the show for us to remember who Baron Corbin is, but I liked it.

Bayley vs Becky Lynch

While I wasn’t predicting this match, it was still a pleasant surprise. The crowd was split, but that was no surprise, considering how good both of these women are in the ring. The match began slow, but I felt like it could have been more even. Either way, this was a great way of showcasing how strong Lycnh can be. After Bayley picked up momentum, I was reminded who was the better performer. I was disappointed how Becky picked up the win, because she didn’t need it as much as Bayley. The hugger has lost too many in a row, and it’s tough to take her seriously. Lynch can easily pick up wins against divas such as Alexa Bliss or Blue Pants, but I don’t think she should be beating Bayley clean. Overall it was a good match, I just felt it could have used a different outcome.

Finn Balor vs Brian Kendrick

I was happy to see Kevin Owens make an appearance. The brass of NXT must being trying to confuse or swerve us, because we all know that Owens and Balor won’t have a program until Owens is done with Zayn. The crowd seemed to be happy to see Kendrick, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen him, so I can’t blame them. This was a great match up, considering how agile these men are in the ring. Owens was brilliant on commentary, because he didn’t distract the viewer and gave some great insight, but it only lasted for a while. Eventually they made too many cutaways to the commentary table. At this point the match wasn’t anything special. Other than the tornado DDT, there was nothing great about the early part of them match. Normally I don’t mind slow starts, but this one didn’t pick up until Balor hit the sling blade, but by then the bout was over. I’ll admit that Balor’s finish looked very good last night. It came to me as a surprise that Owens would attack Riley after them match. While he didn’t do more than throwing him over a table, Riley was done. I think it would be neat if we saw Alex’s in ring return next week against Owens. When Kevin was busy beating up on commentators, Balor continued to taunt him from afar. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t understand why they’re teasing this, because we know Zayn will be back to face Owens.


With a smile on my face, I can easily say I enjoyed last night’s edition of NXT. It was noticeable that the stars of Full Sail University were having a good time while doing what they love. There seems to be a trend of Owens and Balor calling each other out, but I think the program for next the special will still be between Zayn and Owens. I’m excited to see how creative comes up with feuds for the next special, as I feel they have tons of potential and star power. Overall I give this show an 7.9/10 or a B+.

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