NXT Predictions (Feb. 25)

Tonight will easily be a good show, because they’ve gotten past the hangover of the latest special, and will be ready to have some fun. Don’t expect too much story building in this show, it’ll be meant to plant seeds for the upcoming weeks.

Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn

While I’m sure Sami Zayn is back from the Abu Dhabi tour, I don’t believe he’ll be on this show. Zayn will continue to sell this beat down, even though his doctor cleared him for competition overseas. Hopefully most people will have forgotten what the doctor told us last week. I can foresee Sami selling this injury for another week, and then he’ll back to get revenge on Owens. While Zayn won’t be present, his name will be brought up by Kevin Owens in a backstage promo. Since Owens had a match last week, I don’t expect him to wrestle a match this week.

Finn Balor/Rhyno

These two had an interesting interaction last week, and I predict that they’ll build on this for tonight. I don’t believe these two will go head-to-head for this show, that would just be a waste of a match that could occur at the next special. Instead, I see Balor wrestling with a jobber of some sorts, possibly Dillinger, Parker, or maybe Samson Elias. I think Elias would be a good pairing for Balor, just so him and Rhyno can have that much in common. They’ll be rehashing a similar angle from last week, except this time Balor stares down Rhyno after his match. A back and forth of mind games like this would be fitting for a feud such as this one.

Sasha Banks/Divas Division

I can’t imagine Banks wrestling this week, but I can imagine her making an appearance on commentary for a possible Charlottle-Becky Lynch match. Tonight will be start of Charlotte’s journey to getting a rematch with Sasha, considering she is entitled to one. They most likely will have that rematch later down the road, but in the meantime they need to remind us why Charlotte is a dominant diva. If they do decide to bring Sasha on commentary, I’ll be more than excited, as I believe she would do a brilliant job talking down on the rest of the divas.

Hideo Itami

Hideo didn’t make an appearance last week, meaning he’ll have to be on the show tonight. Apparently Brian Kendrick is back and will be making his way to NXT, so I predict he’ll have the privilege to wrestle Itami. This could make for an awesome main event because I can see these two having great chemistry with each other. I can’t picture either of them losing, so I imagine a potential Tyler Breeze interference. Breeze is still a staple in NXT and needs a program going forward, and I don’t think his program with Hideo has become stale. If Breeze doesn’t go after Hideo, a new feud with “The” Brian Kendrick would also be exciting.

Solomon Crowe

Crowe made an appearance last week in a very odd way and not so memorable. The way he has been promoted through vignettes, I thought they would make his debut grander. Hopefully they’ve realized their mistake from last week and give him another chance. I’m predicting that Crowe will cut a solid promo, and will talk about why he’s coming to NXT. He’ll actually cut a promo decent in length, unlike the 5 seconds from last week. His character looks to be promising, and the NXT creative probably realize that he has tons of potential.


Considering how far we’re from the next special, I don’t believe this episode will have a lot of build, but instead will deliver us some entertaining matches. This is what makes NXT so great, they don’t really need to build feuds to have fun, but their matches makeup for the weeks that aren’t as story heavy. Even if my predictions are wrong, I can’t possibly see how they don’t rebound from last week’s subpar show.

2 thoughts on “NXT Predictions (Feb. 25)

  1. How familiar are you with Solomon Crowe? Is he any good? I see he came from CZW which I tend to not watch because I’m not a fan of the ultra violence.


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