Fastlane Fallout

There were many fans out there that thought Fastlane was too predictable, but sometimes predicabiliy isn’t always bad. This show could have been much worse, but it delivered. Based on the build we were given, the superstars of the WWE brought their best foot forward and put on some great matches. The shady finishes may not have been ideal, but then again, not everything can be perfect.

Dolph Ziggler, Eric Rowan, & Ryback vs The Authority (Seth Rollins, Big Show, & Kane)

I felt bad that Rollins had to be in the opening match, because a month ago he was a part of the best triple threat match in WWE history. Ziggler has managed to perfect the powerbomb reversal, and it really does add a great touch to when he faces Rollins. Rowan added a lot in the ring, and he had a great spot when he kicked the ring post. Big Show should have just stayed in the ring with Rowan, chances are they have would have won right then. I thought the spot of the match was easily Ryback’s counter of the curb stomp into a powerbomb. It couldn’t have worked with anybody else because of Rollins’ ability to sell. The ending of this match was terrible mainly because of Big Show’s awkward punch and the fact Kane picked up the win. Why not have Rollins get the pin? He is the biggest star out of these wrestlers. While the ending was bad, I marked out for Orton’s return, and they couldn’t have picked a better time. Overall this match was good, it had all the right ingredients. Let’s just pretend the ending didn’t happen.

Stardust vs Goldust

Tonight was the night of attire changes. I liked Stardust’s new look, it really let us know he’s on his own. The drama at the start was intense, because this is a match we’ve all been waiting to see. They really let the intensity of this match build up, because they took their time before getting fast paced. At one point Stardust really took control, which was odd because I thought it would be more even. They should have at least let Goldust hit his finisher, a quick pin wasn’t the best way to end this match. It’s obvious they don’t want an undisputed winner because they’re setting up for a match at Mania.

The Usos vs Cesaro & Kidd

Must they continue to replay that double date? Tyson Kidd is really starting to look like the focal point of his team, they just seem to give him more spotlight. I liked how they started the match off at a fast pace, it really showed how agile these wrestlers can be. The spot of the match was easily Cesaro’s superplex, it showcased how much strength he truly has. There were quite a few near falls, but it only made the match that much more intense. I’ll admit it, I was shocked to see Kidd & Cesaro win, and I just felt they would win Mania. What made this match great was how it ended cleanly, it showcased that Kidd & Cesaro are a legitimate threat to the tag team division.

Triple H and Sting Face-to-Face

This segment was great, and highly effective. The only thing I was hoping for was a Sting promo, but I guess WWE would rather have him say nothing, which is okay. The sledgehammer vs the bat was truly epic, something we’ve all been waiting for. This was a very serious moment, but if you listened carefully there was a fan telling Sting to reconsider Hunter’s offer, it made me burst into laughter .The setup for Mania was obvious, but exciting none the less.

Paige vs Nikki Bella

This started off very fast, and I was glad to that Nikki was able to keep up. I think this match was a testament to how much Nikki Bella has improved in the ring. Obviously it was carried well by Paige, but it takes two to tango. The powerbomb spot from the top ropes was beautiful, and it was shocking to see that in a divas match. I hated the ending though, a rollup was lazy bookng. Nikki Bella is a heel, she should have used a heel tactic to win. Sometimes we complain about non clean finishes, but this match needed some cheating. In all fairness though, it looked as if Paige had a wardrobe malfunction, so this could be why they ended it so abruptly.

Bad News Barrett vs Dean Ambrose

This match was a nice change of pace. While the other matches started off fast and continued that way, this match began slow and started to build. Barrett had an awesome spot with the boot to Ambrose while he was on the top. While their feud lacked a solid build, they had great in ring chemistry. The match was going well, but I disliked their decision to DQ Ambrose. If they were going to go with a DQ finish, why not have Barrett cheat? That way Barrett doesn’t come across as weak. If it were up to me Barrett would have just won clean, he needs to build back the credibility he had before he was injured .It was a nice touch to have Ambrose steal the belt.

Bray Wyatt Promo

This promo easily stole the show, Of course many of us knew it was going to be Bray Wyatt related, but it was amazing to see the theatrics. This was the perfect way to kick stat this feud, no better way to get the fans excited. I’m sure everybody marked out once Wyatt finally said the Undertaker’s name. Now that this is official, it might be the most anticipated match for Mania.

Rusev vs John Cena

The slow pace in this match was necessary, it really gave us the big match feel. It was clear this match was going to be the brawling type, which made sense. These two were a good fit in the ring, and they had amazing chemistry. The counter into the DDT from Cena was easily spot of the match. Having Rusev break the STF was effective, it shows how strong and threatening he can be. The top rope counter was a thing of beauty, and was good timing on both men. While I thought this would end in a DQ, I was pleasantly surprised with Rusev winning. I didn’t think he’d make Cena pass out, that was a great way to go about the ending. Rusev has gotten a massive push, and I hope they keep it going after Wrestlemania.

Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan

Bryan was going a good job at carrying the match early on. I think it’s crucial Reigns learns from an in ring veteran such a Bryan. The spot outside the ring was great, it showcased how Roman can easily over power Daniel. There was a lot of detail put into this match, especially with Roman’s previous hernia surgery. This is a great way to tell a story within a match. I think tonight every wrestler was pushed to use a powerbom of some sort, because it was used in almost every match. Anybody that thinks Reigns can’t wrestle should watch a clip of him giving Bryan a belly to belly suplex. Once they exchanged signature moves my heart was beating, these two were working magic. These two men knew how to sell a feud, it looked like they hated each other. For a moment I believed Bryan would turn heel after he lost the match, but the handshake and word exchange added a lot of positive emotions. This match easily the best one on this show.


Fastlane could have gone two ways, it could have been useless or effective, and it was very effective. I thought many feuds evolved, and there was some decent in ring work from all performers on the roster. There could have been some different finishes, and I mean how the winners won, not who won. Even though Reigns vs Bryan was great, Bray Wyatt stole the show .Overall I give Fastlane a solid 7.4/10 or a B. I’m officially excited for Wrestlemania.

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