NXT Predictions (Feb. 18)

NXT Takeover: Rival was a great show, but unfortunately it didn’t include many story based matches. Owens and Zayn were the only two that had a serious feud heading into Takeover. This now leaves NXT with some creative room, and a chance to create some new rivalries heading into the month of March. I have predicted some rematches, but I do believe we’ll also get some new feuds.

Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn

I can confidently say that Sami Zayn will not be in attendance for tonight’s show. He sold the R-Evolution beat down from Owens for a full week in December, and I think he might sell this one even longer. This would be the only way for them to move forward. I do believe Zayn will have another match against his Takeover opponent, but we have many weeks to build up for that match. Owens on the other hand will stay dominant tonight, as he’ll probably murder somebody in singles action and cut a promo. Since I’m predicting Zayn to be absent, Owens can’t do much more than this, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be effective.

Finn Balor

It’s now common knowledge that Finn Balor is the number one contender for the NXT championship, but this doesn’t mean he will be interjected to the Zayn-Owens feud. Tonight I predict a calm night for Finn and he’ll probably have a singles match with Tyler Breeze. This would be a great way to start a Balor-Itami feud. Hideo could come out and act as if he’s helping his friend, but maliciously turn on him. That way we have a new heel (something NXT needs), and a new program for Balor. If this doesn’t occur tonight, I expect it to happen sometime within the upcoming weeks.

Divas Division

Many in the industry have been saying that their fatal four way bout at Takeover arguably stole the show, so tonight these women need to hit the ground running. Since there is serious talk of Charlotte moving to the main roster, I believe she’ll begin to play a smaller role, but not tonight. Sasha and Charlotte will wrestle one more match within the upcoming weeks. Until this happens I predict tonight will focus on Becky and Sasha having difficulties with one another. Ultimately, these issues will lead to a babyface turn from Sasha. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made the Boss a babyface tonight. In terms of their match, I expect a singles match between Sasha and Bayley.

Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin has been booked as an unstoppable beast, and with his win at Takeover, he’ll need a bigger challenge. The NXT bookers seem to put a lot of hope into Corbin, and I have a feeling he may pursue a feud against Adrian Neville. I believe Neville will be heading up to the main roster very soon, but he’ll need a send off, and there’s no better way than putting over a young talent. Adrian could also make Corbin look a lot better than Bull Dempsey, and help him become a well rounded in ring performer.

Somebody hacking NXT?

This could be the revelation of the person behind the tweets sent out from Cesaro’s account. More seriously, we all know it’ll be Solomon Crowe. His presence can easily throw off the entire setup, because he can easily feud with Breeze, Neville, Itami, or Balor. My guess is that he picks the bones on the wounded Bull Dempsey. We know that hacking is apart of his gimmick, but we’re not sure to what extent.


Predicting NXT after Takover wasn’t an easy task. While we know there will be rematches either tomorrow or in the weeks to come, we can’t be certain if those will be the feuds heading into the next NXT special. With confidence, I can state that nobody is going near Owens and Zayn. This way we know Balor must do something else to keep himself occupied until the other two are finished. It’s going to be an interesting month and a half, especially with the rumors of a few people moving to the main roster.


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