The Raw Prediction – Go Home Edition

We’re at the go home show for Fastlane, and this is the last Raw before Wrestlemania build up becomes stronger. Tonight we’ll see some matches made for Sunday, and obviously there will be more tension created for the ones that are in place.


Roman Reigns/Daniel Bryan

On Smackdown we got the chance to see Reigns and Bryan compete as a team after having issues on Raw, and I can see it being the same this week. Expect Reigns and Bryan to team up in some sort of match, but the tension will build towards the end of the show. Chances are we’ll see a rehash of last week’s handicap tag match, but this time Big Show might be on the other team. I do hope I’m wrong about Show, he just turned heel, no need to turn him babyface right away. We’re at the go home show for Fastlane, and these men need have some dislike towards one another to keep fans interested. As they have been doing with every Raw since the Rumble, Roman and Daniel will start the show off with a promo talking about their success in tag team turmoil.

John Cena/Rusev 

Last week Rusev got the better of Cena, and he’ll probably do the same thing this week. If they don’t get into another physical altercation, Rusev should beat down one of Cena’s friends just to send a message. When used properly, a beat down of another superstar not in the feud can be rather effective. Cena’s eye has been looking pretty bad for a few weeks, and I imagine they’ll incorporate this into the story, because they did mention it on Raw. The injured eye can play a big role in this feud, because it can be the reason Cena doesn’t win on Sunday.


Rhodes Brothers

It’s no secret that the Rhodes brothers have been having some issues since last month. I think it’s a great choice to bring Dusty Rhodes back for this program, and he can make for a great catalyst. This will be a segment half way through the show, and it can go one of two ways. Either the duo makes up (at least until Sunday) or they can have the official kick off to their feud by turning Stardust on Goldust and Dusty. They would want Dusty to look like he has control of his family, but if Stardust turns it makes for more drama. I’ll go with the latter choice, I picture all hell breaking loose.


Dean Ambrose/Bad News Barrett

As mentioned earlier, this is the go home show for Fastlane and we only have 3 matches set for the PPV. This feud needs to translate into a match for Sunday, but this should have happened last week. Ambrose and Barrett make for a great duo and they haven’t even used them properly. I predict them having bigger roles on this show, with some type of physical altercation. They’ll find a way to book this match, along with a few other ones.


Bray Wyatt 

Do we get Undertaker this week? Probably not, but we will see Bray Wyatt become a larger threat. Lately WWE has stuck to the same formula with Bray in terms of how he’s been booked weekly, and I do hope they do something else with him this week. An in ring promo might be more effective. Either way, he’ll most likely demolish someone on the mid card in a convincing fashion.



This is the WWE’s last chance to make a great impression for Fastlane. Considering how the WWE Network is free this month, they should go out with bang which forces people to stay on board. While this Raw can easily be a quiet one, I think WWE has all their ticks saved for Sunday. Based on my predictions, we can be in for a bland week.

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