NXT Takeover: Rival Predictions

While I felt the matches at R-Evolution had better build, the match ups on this card are more attractive. It’s a good mixture of heated rivalries and wrestling. I do hope they find a way to steal the show, and inspire the main roster before Fastlane.

Tyler Breeze vs Hideo Itami

While I do believe this will be a win for NXT’s Japanese import, it will be a good match, and a tough win. These two have put on a great match 2 weeks ago, and I expect no less from them tonight. Itami has been carefully protected by the bookers of NXT, and I’m sure they won’t mind if he goes over Tyler in a fair fought match .If they do decide to go with a Breeze win, I would imagine this feud is going to be booked for another 2 weeks or so. I also predict this match to go on first, because I think it would be a great way to get the crowd excited for this special.

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch vs Bayley

There’s no choice here but Sasha Banks. The Boss has made her character into a great heel diva and deserves to finally win the strap. I don’t imagine her pinning Charlotte though, it will most likely be Becky. This way we get the much anticipated Team Bae feud. It’s time for Charlotte to enter the main roster, so this will be one of her last matches. I do believe she would be a great addition to the divas division before Wrestlemania. The only person I feel bad for is Bayley, because she will easily be lost in the shuffle during and after this bout.

Baron Corbin vs Bull Dempsey

This match may go longer than the other previous matches between these two, but not that much longer. I predict this to be a longer squash match if anything. After seeing Bull Dempsey get destroyed twice, I can’t picture him looking strong at all. The NXT writers have completely taken away all intimidation from this man.

Buddy Murphy & Wesley Blake vs The Lucha Dragons

The Lucha Dragons are headed to the main roster, its pretty obvious. Since they’ll be heading up sometime soon, they won’t win this match. I find this match to just be filler. The Lucha Dragons should have just lost their titles at this show, that way they could have properly feuded with Murphy & Blake.

Adrian Neville vs Finn Balor

This match is pretty tough to predict. There’s quite a few possible outcomes to this match. Balor can either win and be a new comer to the title scene, but he might seem out of place. Neville could also win and join the title picture to feud with wrestlers he has history with. While Adrian seems like the logical choice, I feel Balor is ready for a mega push, so I’ll predict him to beat Neville in a long match. These two will go back and forth quite a bit, and frankly speaking, they could easily steal the show. Also these two will have some great spots, with very a lot of near falls towards the end.

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens

I enjoy seeing Zayn as champ, because his road to the title was well put together. I don’t think he’ll lose, because it’s too early for him. Unless there’s a plan to bring him to the main roster, expect him to go over Owens clean. Sami has been getting the short end of the stick for this entire feud, and he’ll need to redeem himself once again .Of course Owens will make a big impact in this match, and I predict a post match beat down from him. There’s definitely a way to have both men leave this special looking strong. This will most likely be the first of many matches these two will have in the upcoming months.


This WWE Network special has the capability of topping R-Evolution. It seems to me that the superstars of NXT enjoy setting new standards for themselves. My predictions here are pretty fair and I like to think rather accurate. Stay tuned for my On to the NXT One analysis tomorrow morning.


2 thoughts on “NXT Takeover: Rival Predictions

  1. I agree with everything except the main event. Zayn, Neville, Balor, Itami, Corbin. All up and coming faces in NXT. Owens got a great reaction at R-Evolution but they still turned him heel out of necessity. There are no good heels for the others to challenge. I see NXT putting Owens as champion and making him hugely destructive so that Zayn and all the rest have someone to battle with.


    1. I would have picked Owens, even if they gave him one more month. I just think its too short of a run for Zayn,. You do bring up a great point about the roster lacking heels, that itself is a good enough reason to build Owens as a threat. Do you think they turn Itami into a heel sometime soon?


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