The Raw Prediction – February 9th Edition

Other than 4 feuds, WWE hasn’t booked that much heading into Fastlane. I feel this week’s edition of Raw may be repetitive of what has happened last week. In fact we could probably predict everything up until Fastlane.


Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan

This week the WWE has a great opportunity to build some real tension between Bryan and Reigns. The two haven’t gotten into any kind of physical altercation, so I predict them teasing this spot. While the match was only decided last Monday, Roman and Daniel have had a lot of interactions with each other. Since both of these competitors are semi-feuding with Rollins I expect a tag team of some sort. I also see the Authority’s involvment become more minimal in this feud, starting tonight. My bold prediction for this Raw, involivng these two, is that Paul Heyman somehow gets involved.

John Cena vs Rusev

As I’ve mentioned, this feud has gotten quite stale already. We’ve only seen these two interact twice, and that was for a Smackdown promo. Tonight will be the night they finally exchange words once again. Since Rusev does look to be the “unstoppable force” that Cena must overcome, I predict him going over on the mic against the doctor of thuganomics. We all know Cena can make anybody look like a joke with his mic skills, but the great thing about him is that he can make himself look just as bad to put somebody over.

Bray Wyatt

Last week I assumed he called out the Undertaker, this week I predict him to do the exact same .The show is taking place in Columbus this week, so I don’t expect an appearance from the Deadman, usually that’s left for more heavily promoted Raws. Taker normally shows up on old school Raw, but we haven’t heard of that coming up, so we’ll probably see him at Fastlane. It’s not normal that we see Wyatt compete on Raw, so I don’t expect anything different. If they really want to build him up even more, feed him someone such as Ryback

Seth Rollins (Randy Orton?)

Well this is probably the third consecutive week that I’ll predict a Randy Orton return, and I highly believe he’ll show up to help out the other babyfaces in the main event. As I said before the main event tonight will most likely be a tag team, so I predict a match of Rollins, Kane, and Big Show vs Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. This match will end in DQ with the Fastlane opponents receviing a beatdown and Orton making the save. I think its time for Rollins to step out of the Reigns-Bryan feud, because its becoming too crowded.

Dean Ambrose and Bad News Barrett

These two are just too good at promos to not go head to head on the mic. Tonight we’ll finally see the two interact, hopefully with the return of Barrett’s new BNZ. While I hope to see a mic battle, I think we’ll be given an inteference and post match beatdown from Barrett to Ambrose. This feud has been overshadowed by all the other programs, I hope they give it time to breath and create something big.

Paige and The Bellas

This feud has gotten bland, and I don’t expect it to pick up anytime soon. The Bellas got Paige with spray tan last week, which left her quite embarassed, but I expect Paige to reciprocate tonight. She’ll have the twins leaving the building completely embarassed. While the feud my not be enjoyable, I’ll have to admit it is unpredictable, because it’s tough to tell who will eventually get the upper hand and victory.


As I mentioned earlier, I’m not predicting much from this show, I do hope they prove me wrong though. The Bryan-Reigns feud needs to grow on its own and without the Authority, I can see that finally happening tonight. Last week’s edition was filled with matches, but for some reason I’m thinking this week will be filled with promos. Sometimes too many promos can be hazardous for a show, but I think this Raw will need them to grow some undeveloped and young feuds.


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