On to the NXT One- NXT Analysis

We’re a week away from NXT Takeover, the stars at Full Sail had one last chance to grasp the audience and get them excited for the WWE Network special. Surprisingly, the show was a bit bland. There were a few matches that stood out, but other than that one can say the writing for this show was not at its best.

Carmella vs Emma

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Enzo, Cas, and Carmella. Having Emma back in NXT is great, but I feel bad she couldn’t cut it on the main roster. Carmella was showing her ability to show personality in the ring, I think she knows how to show in her move set. After that odd loss to Blue Pants, it was great to see Carmella pick up the win. It was pointless to have these two compete because neither have a feud heading into Takeover,  meaning this match had nothing to build towards .I don’t think this match got the crowd too excited. This match could have easily been placed as filler before the last match.

Adrian Neville vs Baron Corbin

Neville was absolutely amazing in the first minute of this match. We haven’t gotten a chance to see him wrestle with a larger opponent, but I didn’t even think he’d be able to leap and maneuver his way around someone like this. Corbin is still a young performer, and rather green, it was evident much of his moves were reliant on Neville’s ability to sell. In all fairness though, Baron did a great job at keeping up with the quickness of Adrian. Bull Dempsey interfering was obvious, and it was the only way this match could end. It’s a shame though, because I felt both of these men could have put on a decent match given some more time. Hopefully somewhere down the road we’ll get a chance to see them feud.

Bayley vs Becky Lynch

Overall, this was a good mach. I liked how they played on Bayley’s knee injury, it was some great continuity. The win for Bayley was smart booking, like I mentioned in my post from yesterday, she needed some more credibility going into Takeover. The apparent break up of Team Bae could have been a lot bigger, I was expecting more of a brawl. At least a fully fledged fight between Becky and Sasha would have made for more exciting buildup .I understand Charlotte coming out, because she’s involved with these 3 women, but it almost made no sense for her to just stand there.

Sami Zayn/ Kevin Owens Promo

This was just a terrible way to keep the fans reminded of this bitter feud. They could have had a better segment, maybe even some in ring promos, but it’s just brutal to have booked promos. I think the writers or producers really dropped the ball on this one. Considering how pointless the opening segment was, they could have done an opening promo. They even closed the show with a 3 minutes video montage of this feud, a feud that was only documented on twice on NXT. This video package would be amazing to show before their match, but not a way to end the go home show. I don’t understand why they just wouldn’t give Itami and Balor an extra few minutes. All I can say is that this turned me off the feud slightly.

Hideo Itami vs Finn Balor

I wish they didn’t have Neville on commentary, it distracted the actual commentators from the match. There was such a split focus, because it didn’t seem like the commentators even cared for the amazing match happening in front of them. I’ll even admit they were distracting me at times .Like most good matches, this started off at nice slow pace, but the back and forth was great. The pelay kick always gets me going, I’m happy to see Balor keep that in his arsenal. I wish Hideo would just use that GTS, because the crowd wants to see it, I just wonder if he’s told to only tease it. The drop kick that send Itami into the turn buckle was a thing of beauty. Not only did Balor deliver the kick beautifully but Itami sold it even better. Finn eventually picked up the win, he was my pick and clearly WWE’s pick. I can’t even fathom what he and Neville will do at Takeover.


Other than the Bayley-Becky match and Finn-Hideo match, there wasn’t a whole lot that got me excited for this edition of NXT. I guess I was just soured by the lack of Owens and Zayn. The opening match was a slight waste, and the show almost ended on a high note until they aired a video package. I’ll have to give this week’s NXT episode a 6/10 or a C-.

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