NXT Predictions

As I mentioned last week, I’m beginning to enjoy NXT a lot more because it’s break from the crazy world that is the “main roster”. I hope Triple H has convinced some fans to start watching NXT, because its truly a raw wrestling product with great production value. We’re at the go home show for Takeover, meaning some story lines will hit a boiling point. I except 3 major builds for tonight’s show, Owens-Zayn, number one contender tournament, and Divas four way.

Adrian Neville vs Baron Corbin

Adrian Neville is coming out as the winner in this match, it’s just too predictable. If Baron Corbin wasn’t still feuding with Bull Dempsey, I might say he has a better chance, but the chances of a run in are too high. The only thing I’m having trouble predict is how Neville beats Corbin. If there is a run in, I’d imagine the match would end in a roll up pin. This bout could also end in a count out if Corbin decides to run after Bull. Either way, I don’t see Neville pinning Corbin clean because they’ve built him up too much to have him lose in clean fashion. Considering how these two men don’t have a rivalry between each other, I think this would be a great match to start the show.


There was quiet a bit of turmoil between Bayley and Charlotte last week, and I think they’ll play on that tonight. It’s fair to say Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte are more favored to win the match next week, but this means they need to build more crediblity for Bayley. I’m predicting a one on one match between Flair and Bayley, which will end in a DQ win for Bayley. Team Bae will definitely interfere in this match, but we’ll then see Charlotte and Bayley clear the ring by working together. While they work together, we’ll start to see some tension between Team Bae, as they might get into a scuffle tonight.

Kevin Owens-Sami Zayn

I’m pretty sure that no contact rule was only meant for the contract signing, meaning we should see some physical interaction between these two. Kevin Owens has done a great job in his short time to have the crowd against him, so fans will probably want Sami to get some sort of upper hand on him tonight. It’s clear that in this rivalry the simple things can do wonders, and goes to show that pro-wrestling doesn’t need twisted story lines to be entertaining .I figure Zayn will have a match against a lower card wrestler, where he will win, but will be ambushed by Owens afterwards. This time we won’t see a Zayn beatdown, but him finally prevailing in a small way before security splits them up. Normally I think this would be a great way to end the show, but the next match is too good to not main event.

Finn Balor vs Hideo Itami

Matches of this magnitude are never common, so we should all appreciate that WWE is willing to showcase this on a normal NXT episode. This could arguably be the toughest match to predict because WWE brass have put a lot of stock into both of these prospects. I think this will be a 5 star match, but in the end we’ll see Finn Balor stand tall. After Balor picks up the win, we’ll see a handshake, but not too long after we’ll see Neville come in to have a stand off with Balor. This is not the main event feud going into Takeover, but it’s too valuable of a match to not end the show.


This edition of NXT is promising, and I don’t think we’ll be let down. With Takeover right around the corner, these wrestlers are looking to give it their all, so that fans will tune in. While I do hope they build on Zayn-Owens, I’m a strong believer in that Itami and Finn closing the show. With an addition of Divas build, this show has the perfect ingredients. Normally my NXT predictions are closer to being correct than my Raw predictions, so lets hope this show keeps up the trend.

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