The Raw Prediction

After a messy but slow paced week in the WWE, we’ll finally get to see the fallout of the 2015 Royal Rumble. Considering how we missed a full Raw of in ring build, and some returns, expect this episode to be action packed.

The “Big” Announcement- Reigns and Rollins

Hunter told us last week he’ll be making a huge announcement regarding the controversy that surrounded the Royal Rumble. Just like Roman Reigns, I thought, what controversy? From a kayfabe point of view, Reigns won the match fair, so there shouldn’t be a controversy. Obviously to keep fans content this will be a setup for the Fastlane PPV. My guess is that the announcement sets up for a 2-on-1 match for Reigns versus the Big Show and Kane or a singles match against Rollins. Having the “standard bearer” go head to head with Roman would be fun, because we never saw an ending to their feud from September. Other than these two options, they shouldn’t tinker with the story line they’ve booked, and it comes across as unorganized on creative’s part. I can’t imagine them addressing Daniel Bryan’s absence from the main event, it would be too similar to how last year’s story played out.

While a match between Roman and Seth would be entertaining, this is all reliant on Orton’s inevitable return. That also goes for a Kane and Big Show, because either of them can be paired with Randy at Fastlane .The viper has been rumored to return any day, in fact he was supposed to be back last week. Him and Rollins are destined to face each other at Wrestlemania, but I’d imagine they would want to save that build for after Fastlane. Don’t be shocked if we’re presented with Orton against Kane for the next few weeks.

Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler?

The two crowd favorites were vocal on social media about the idea of them having a match at Wrestlemania. The WWE’s has openly acknowledged this on their website, meaning there must be some sort of steam behind it. I think they’re testing out the waters, and waiting to see how fans react. There will be an interaction between these two, if not a full promo addressing their respective tweets. As of late, WWE has been lacking heels, meaning it’s time for someone to turn, and there’s nobody better than the show-off. Story or no story, fans will enjoy the match between the two, but it still needs some sort of build. If this feud is played on tonight, don’t be surprised if Ziggy takes his talents to the dark side.


I enjoyed their interaction from last week on Smackdown, but now that I think about it, there’s not much to do after that. Of course, we’ll have the Cena-Lana mic battle. This feud should have a different twist, meaning it should be about how Rusev needs to overcome the odds, instead of Cena. For the next few weeks, starting tonight, they should allow Cena to get the best of the Bulgarian Brute. The idea is probably wishful thinking on my part, they could easily have the feud go the other way.

Bray Wyatt

I’m just basing this off pure speculation, but Bray Wyatt is rumored to face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, and this may be their kick off to the feud. They’ve been booking Wyatt to look strong within the past two months, but in a very subtle way. Last week he alluded to not fearing “anything dead or alive”, which has to be a nod to the dead man himself. Also, there’s no better hint than WWE acknowledging Bray’s promo on Their acknowledgment to this promo on their Raw preview means he will have a big role tonight, and that role will be to call out the Undertaker.

Charlotte appearing?

Charlotte was at a Denver gym today, and I’m basing this off her instagram post from this morning. She could easily be wrestling a dark match, but with Takeover happening next week, is there a chance we see her tonight? Either way, I predict she’ll be making some sort of appearance tonight.

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