Black and Blue – Smackdown Analysis

Smackdown had me pumped, probably because we haven’t seen much from the WWE since Sunday. Obviously there were many questions that had to be answered after last week’s chaos. Last night’s show continue to build on the momentum train this brand has been on for the past few weeks, and produced a quality episode.

Opening Promo

  • Hunter telling the crowd that the WWE doesn’t like being told what to do was symbolic of what has happened this past week. He was great here, and really blurred the lines between reality and kayfabe. There may be reasons to dislike Hunter but when he needs to deliver a promo, he can captivate an audience. In this particular promo he went head on with an angry crowd, and it can be said he kept them quite tame. The way he continued to talk about the fans being outraged sounded like they were openly discussing booking decisions. At least they’re facing the problem head on, when they could have just done what they did last year. Once Roman made his way to the ring, I realized he’ll be fine because this crowd popped for him. Although the smarks were pretty loud once his music went out.

Big Show vs Roman Reigns

  • I honestly hope this was the last meeting between these two. This match was decent, nothing great, mainly because it moved at a slow pace. Having Reigns paired up with Big Show for the past few weeks must be hurting his ability to improve his in ring style. Show is often slow, and usually can’t do much for less experienced roster members. This is why Roman’s rivalry and match with Orton were phenomenal. All of this can be seen in Roman’s attempt at the hurricarana from the ropes, where Big Show simply couldn’t react. The top rope spot was especially bad, because the world’s largest athlete seemed to be lost. I’m happy Roman picked up the win, and it was nice to see that many of the match flaws came from Show, not Roman.


Seth Rollins vs Ryback?

  • This segment had all the ingredients of an Attitude Era match. I don’t even think the match started, but these run-ins made absolutely no sense. What was the point of this whole segment? I was under the impression Rollins laid out an open invitation to prove his dominance. The entire 5 minutes was obviously some sort of filler. That moment would have been perfect for an Orton return, but I guess nobody thought of that.

Tyson Kidd vs Jey Uso

  • I wasn’t planning on reviewing this match, but after watching Tyson Kidd, I felt it would be a crime to not say anything. Kidd ran a clinic, and heavily out wrestled Jey Uso. After watching him on back to back nights (NXT) I continue to get impressed by how he moves in the ring .This was a well needed win for Kidd, and I’m hoping for him to take a more prominent role on the roster.

 John Cena & Rusev Promo

  • I felt Rusev cut an effective promo. Him and Lana did a great job at voicing their frustrations with the Rumble results. Cena came out to a massive pop, and cut one of the best promos I’ve seen from him in a while. It sounded real and full of anger. This Cena was reminiscent of 2005 Cena. The leader of the Cenation came out on top this segment, and had me cheering like a mark. His words gave me chills to say the least .These two are a natural fit together, and I’m wishing they would leave this feud for Wrestlemania.


The Ascension vs Golddust & Stardust

  • I think creative wanted us to see this as a convincing win for the Ascension, but all I saw was problems with Goldust and Stardust. This may be the year we finally get the Rhodes brothers match at Wrestlemania. It was evidently teased, and I can’t wait for Cody Rhodes to make his return.


Bray Wyatt Promo

  • Was Bray Wyatt still snowed in? I’m guessing he couldn’t make it there for a live appearance. This promo made no sense, he was getting into deep dialogue that was probably too confusing for any fan. My guess is that they had nothing prepared for him, but he needs to be there on Raw to start his next feud.


Daniel Bryan vs Kane

  • I’ll say once again, this should be their last match against each other. While I’m cynical about the pairing, I was excited for the stipulation. It’s not very often us fans are treated to a casket match. There were too many casket spots teased in the start. After Bryan hit Kane with a cross body from the top rope I thought the match would pick up pace, but they continued to tease casket spots. This match felt lackluster to say the least. Bryan was fine, but I felt the chemistry between these two has dyed out. The chair spot on Daniel didn’t even interest me. After the eventual win from Bryan, I realized that this company does see him as that top guy, or why else would they have him close a show for the third consecutive time? There’s plenty in store for him come Wrestlemania, and I don’t think he’ll get shafted.


While some superstars were just in the show to make an appearance, I think it’s fair to say that there was definitely substance in some of these segments. The Hunter promo and the Cena-Rusev promo were the highlights to this show. Other than this the matches were subpar, other than Tyson Kidd wrestling circles around Jey Uso. The Smackdown’s in the previous weeks have been better, but because this progressed enough storylines, I enjoyed the 2 hours. Overall I give this show a 6.6/10 or a C.

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