On to the NXT One – NXT Analysis

Only one week left until the go home show for NXT Takeover, and this night has planted the seeds to make for some intense matches 2 weeks from now. This week’s edition of NXT included some great storytelling, along with great matches. While this is the norm for these wrestlers, it’s impressive they continue to deliver. There was some great foreshadowing this week, which I think will lead to some big changes in the weeks to come.

Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy vs The Lucha Dragons

-The commentators spoke about how green Blake & Murphy were but also how talented they are, and from there I felt they were building this duo to be a promising threat. This bout had some great spots from the Dragons, which definitely made this more entertaining. Blake and Murphy also wrestled a good technical style that went well against the acrobatic moves of Kalisto and Sin Cara. Needless to say, the two teams had great chemistry and performed well for their allotted time. I was fully shocked on how the titles switched, it caught me off guard. Could this title switch not have happened at Takeover? Unless they have something planned for the special, I might question this outcome. My only logical guess is that the Dragons are on their way to the main roster, so they’ll lose the rematch and graduate. None the less, the switch got the crowd into the show.

Adrian Neville vs Tyson Kidd

-When wrestlers such as these two compete, they need to start off slow. The opening build for this bout was absolutely perfect, it never seemed rushed at any point. I truly hope Neville doesn’t get lost in the shuffle on the main roster because he’s just too smooth with his flips and use of the ring. The Tyson Kidd we saw in this match is what we should see on Raw. Kidd had excellent heel tactics, and used them in the best way, subtly. As the crowd stated, “this is wrestling”. I forgot how much chemistry these two had. Everything was set up right in terms of in ring spots, all the way to the end. The red arrow was properly timed, and this match ended at the right time. As I predicted, Neville did pick up the win. Of course, this was the right decision, simply because he’ll match up well with Balor or Itami. I personally hope its Balor. The post match interview felt like foreshadowing for Neville’s debut to the main roster because of the way he spoke about rising to the top.

Charlotte & Bayley vs Team BAE

-Before I review this match, I’d just like to point out the backstage segment between Bayley and Charlotte was horrendous and sounded forced. While the backstage promo was terrible, the storytelling and wrestling in the ring was great. Team BAE was great at playing heel, because they continued to be cowards until they gained substantial control. Once the match ended in a DQ, they set themselves up for a semi brawl. Bayley finally took a turn and added something new to her character, some much needed aggression. She would be my dark horse to beat Flair in two weeks. I liked the idea of Becky Lynch and Sasha breaking up, but it keeps me guessing who would turn face. If anything, the Boss should get a face title run, she is too over with that crowd. With Charlotte not standing tall, and not looking that strong, we may have some foreshadowing for her title loss.

Baron Corbin vs Bull Dempsey

-I thought this match would go longer than their last encounter, but then I realized there was 10 minutes left in the show. Corbin laid out Bull in convincing fashion. This should really be the last match between these two, its not doing anything for Bull Dempsey other than pushing him into jobber territory. Although for some reason they’ll continue with this program, cementing Neville as the winner in the semi final match. If the two square off at Takeover, I picture another squash-esque win from Baron.

Contract Signing- Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

-This promo was incredible. I couldn’t be more happy that they played on their relationship from the indies, it was the best way to make this feel personal. While Zayn expressed his anger, Owens told us this was for the title, and nothing personal. It was a good choice to finally let these two air their grievances, it furthered the story line, and was refreshing. Since Regal instated a no contact rule for this signing, the two couldn’t brawl to finish the show, but their facial expression did all the work. Sami showed nothing but hatred and frustration, but Owens looked calm and collected and convinced me that all he wants is the title. I hope the two don’t get into any physical altercation until Takeover, it will only add to the allure of seeing Sami get his hands on his old friend. This was the best way to end the show, and it showcased these two can cut promos just as well as they wrestle.


Yet again, the wrestlers of WWE developmental made me forget about the crazy week from the main roster. I can’t stress enough how much simplicity matters. In the world of pro-wrestling, it’s the small and simple angles that get wrestlers over. This method has worked for years, and the producers and writers understand that with WWE’s version of the indies. This show delivered, and it furthered story lines. The build to Takeover has been great, and I can’t wait until next week’s go home show. Overall, I give this show an 8.5/10 or an A.

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