NXT Predictions

After a week and a half of going through an emotional roller coaster with the main roster, we’re back to a place where things are usually stable. This week’s edition of NXT was planted last week when the contract signing and tournament were set up by General Manager, William Regal.

Adrian Neville vs Tyson Kidd

-I guess Tyson Kidd is leaving NXT by putting over others, and that’s something to applaud. He lost to Finn Balor, and I expect him to lose to Adrian Neville. The prediction here is based on the notion Neville will put over either Balor or Itami at Takeover. The match itself will be phenomenal based on these two being amazing workers. It should start the show to get the crowd excited. Both of these men will be on the main roster sometime soon, so I don’t consider either of them to be serious contenders. They both spent enough time in the title picture throughout 2014, it’s time to bring in some new blood.

Baron Corbin vs Bull Dempsey

-I’m picking Corbin to beat Dempsey once again, but I’m having a tough time believing either of them make it to the next round. Corbin is obviously being built to look strong, but what about the next round? It’s tough to fathom the idea of Baron potentially losing to Neville. I’m not sure if this is the smartest booking decision. Obviously Adrian needs to advance to put over either Balor or Itami within the upcoming weeks. At the same time, Corbin needs a program after Dempsey, he can’t continue to feud with a man he’s physically conquered. Surprisingly, this might be the most unpredictable match on this card.

The Contract Signing- Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

-Finally we’ll be able to see the first ever verbal interaction between these two. They have plenty of history together, so I don’t imagine this promo being anything less than excellent. Hopefully Owens uses this platform to give his character some more depth. Sami needs to find ways to make this more personal. Since the crowd knows the two are good friends, they should build on that. There will obviously be a lot of tension, and after the contract is signed we’ll have the obligatory brawl. This time their physical interaction will be different, because Zayn will stand tall while Owens gets tossed out of the ring. I wouldn’t imagine Owens fleeing into the back though, he’s a monster heel, not a cowardly heel.


What I’m looking forward to about this week is how simply everything has been laid out for us fans. Sometimes this formula can work negatively in wrestling, but in this case all of the listed matches/segments are building for larger story lines. Only two weeks away from NXT Takeover, the superstars here will do their best to make sure the build up is worth watching .While it could seem predictable, there are aspects that might not be easy to predict. Similar to last week, this show will not disappoint.

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