The Raw Rollup

Last night’s Raw was the WWE’s chance to make everything right, and make sense of why the Rumble was atrocious. Luckily for the WWE, they were graced with a snow storm, in order to set the record straight, and give fans something to look forward to. This was an effective use of interviews, which set the tone for this year’s Wrestlemania season.

Seth Rollins

– I don’t know what the plan for Rollins is going into Fast Lane. From what we saw on Raw, he may have a one on one with Lesnar. If it’s not a singles match, expect some sort of interaction between the two from now and February 22. He won’t cash in his Money in the Bank contract, only because Lesnar-Reigns was very prominent on this episode .I think this interview was meant to showcase Rollins as an official top tier wrestler in the company. I’d go as far as saying he’s positioned higher than Reigns on the WWE food chain .The standard bearer gives off a different type of confidence in his interview with Cole. After listening to him, I believe he can hang with the likes of Cena and Lesnar.

Daniel Bryan

-Did Daniel Bryan come up with those lines all by himself? It sounds an awfully familiar if you’re a wrestling fan the frequents the internet. He did a great job at selling his dream feud with Lesnar, and probably made some fans feel robbed of their perfect Wrestlemania. Showcasing Bryan on this edition of Raw means they have big plans for him, I just don’t know what those plans will be. They did tease a potential feud with Bray Wyatt. That’s a recycled feud from 2014, but quite memorable. It would be a good way to rehab Wyatt’s character back to the top tier, but it would hurt Bryan’s momentum. Why did they have to announce a casket match between him and Kane for Thursday? There’s rivalries that become stale, but this one is just plain rotten.

Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar

– Anybody that doubted this feud should maybe second guess themselves. Going into this program, we knew Reigns would have to improve in many aspects, but we forgot about the secret ingredient that makes every feud entertaining, Paul Heyman. I was worried how Lesnar and Reigns would interact one on one, but Heyman knew how to work with both of them. I can see Paul making this feud enjoyable for the hardcore fans that wanted to see something else. Roman’s initial interview with Cole was insightful, and it goes to show that he’s better off being himself, and not a funny guy. He’s truly become an underdog after last night, because he’s fighting the most dominant champion of the past few years, and a fan base. They knew how to play on this, and he’s able to use the sympathy card. I can honestly admit, I feel sympathy for Reigns, and would like to see him overcome these odds. WWE did some great damage control with these segments.

Check out Roman’s initial interview here


Overall, this show was needed after the events of Sunday. The fan base negatively reacted to Reigns winning, but had to hear out WWE. This edition was superb for character building and showing character depth. Fans shouldn’t be disappointed that they aired the Rumble match and the triple threat match, they needed to for PR reasons .I wouldn’t be opposed to having 2 episodes like this every year. Overall I give the 30 minutes of original content an 8/10 or an A-.

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