Royal Rumble Predictions

The Royal Rumble is easily WWE’s second most popular PPV of the year. It can be said the match itself has been the most protected gimmick match, and that is why it carries a certain allure. I’ll admit, having the Royal Rumble as my first PPV to predict on the Casual Smart was a difficult task. Almost every outcome on this card can be a logical decision. Either way, I’ll make some smart choices for what I think should be the road to WrestleMania.

New Age Outlaws vs The Ascension

-After the shellacking the Ascension took on Monday, I expect them to lose this match. Their place in the company is confusing, because I don’t get if they’re a comedic act or contenders for the titles. The last time NAO competed, they were getting man handled by the Shield, so I believe their due for a win. Considering NAO carry nostalgic appeal, they’ll pick up the victory and keep fans happy.  If the Ascension manages to pull out a win, they’ll be in line for a feud with the tag team champions on Monday night.

Paige & Natalya vs The Bella Twins

I enjoy watching 3 of the 4 competitors in this match (sorry Brie), but this feud didn’t receive proper build this week. It was turning into an interesting program until it was given less attention on Raw and Smackdown. Since the Divas championship isn’t being defended, I’m predicting Paige and Natty pick up the win. The match itself will be good, most of the women here are good workers. I don’t know where this will be heading after, but it should culminate to a Paige-Nikki feud at either Fast Lane or Wrestlemania.

The Usos vs Miz & Mizdow

I’m 100% confident the Usos retain the tag titles. The Usos are a fun team to watch, they make great champions, and we’re beginning to see some personality from them. It’s obvious that Miz and Mizdow will part ways, and the first segment to this build up will occur in the Rumble match. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they turned on each other during this match. Either way, this will lead up to their program at Fast Lane, but leaves me wondering what they’ll do after that. Is it possible they stick together for a little longer and feud after Fast Lane?

Brock Lesnar vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins

This match is more difficult to predict than the Rumble itself. The WWE brass have done an excellent job at booking this feud. There can be an argument made for each superstar involved. I’ve ran each possible outcome through my head multiple times, and they all seem like great booking decisions. Even as I’m typing this prediction post I’m beginning to second guess myself. I feel John Cena will emerge victorious for his 16th title win. There hasn’t been any news of Lesnar signing an extension, so that’s the only reason I believe he shouldn’t be champ heading into Wrestlemania season. Rollins can make a better argument than Lesnar, but my heart is telling me he could be on a collision course with a returning Randy Orton. The reason I go for Cena is because the options make the most sense. Doesn’t matter who wins the Rumble, they’ll fit with Cena. Reigns would be a great option because he’ll get cheered more than Cena. Bryan is a great option because he’ll prove that he can beat Cena more than once. If its Rusev, well that story writes itself.  While I do pick Cena as the winner, lets not forget Rollins still has that briefcase, he can easily tease a cash in, or even successfully cash in. It’s definitely the wild card for this bout. This match will definitely steal the show, and has the potential to be match of the year if not match of the decade.

Royal Rumble:

This match will be full of surprises as per usual. Of course we have favorites already chosen, but there’s been times where they don’t pan out. Before I write my prediction summary, I’ll list out my favorites and dark horses:


  • Roman Reigns
  • Daniel Bryan

Dark Horses:

  • Bray Wyatt
  • Dean Ambrose
  • Rusev
  • Ziggler

Either of these men can make a compelling case for why they should win. Rusev’s journey in this match will be interesting, but I call him being eliminated by Ryback, to hopefully continue their feud .I can foresee Bryan entering first, the leader of the Yes! movement would thrive considering he can easily work hour long matches. Our number 2 spot will be a surprise return from the viper, Randy Orton. This would make for an interesting start because of their feud from 2013 and 2014 .Reigns will break his previous elimination record by eliminating 15 others. The final four will be Reigns, Bryan, Ambrose, and Wyatt. I can tell you Wyatt and Ambrose will eliminate eachother playing on their feud, and Bryan will then eliminate Reigns. Bryan is the most logical pick, simply because he matches up best with all three competitors in the triple threat match. He also needs a rematch for the WWE title, so the booking here should be easy for creative. This was a tough choice in my mind, simply because either of these men would make a great Royal Rumble winner.


Tomorrow’s card will be fun and entertaining. We’ll be in for surprises and shocks. With that being said I’m confident in my predictions. These were all logical choices and what believe to be the best setup heading into WrestleMania season.

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3 thoughts on “Royal Rumble Predictions

  1. I totally think Lesnar loses the title and the enters the rumble to win. I don’t see bryan or reigns winning it. Reigns is in batista territory right now in terms of people itching to boo him. It’s not his time.


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