NXT Predictions

As of this moment, WWE.com has not posted their match card for NXT meaning I’ll attempt to predict tonight’s show on my wrestling instinct. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s how I normally predict Raw. I could peak at the NXT spoilers on some dirtsheet, but I find this more enjoyable. Last week was loaded with momentum building, and progression of story lines. I expect no less from the stars of NXT tonight. With the February NXT special looming, these next couple of shows will be nothing short of spectacular.

Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens

– Ever since the emergence of Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn hasn’t been able to celebrate his recent success without getting pummeled. Zayn has taken a beat down after his last two matches, meaning something has to give. We should see some further development tonight. Owens is booked to be a monster, someone the NXT roster hasn’t seen before, but I would enjoy seeing something else. A promo is long overdue for him, and I can already imagine a segment with him and Zayn finally exchanging words. It wouldn’t surprise me if their interaction opened the show. As NXT champion, Zayn will be wrestling tonight, but not against a formidable opponent, it’ll most likely be against CJ Parker. Of course, this will be an easy win along with no post match shenanigans. If Owens is scheduled to wrestle tonight, expect him have someone as easy, and I hope he squares off against Enzo Amore. I’m already laughing at the image of Enzo and Big Cas cutting their hilarious promo only for Enzo to get squashed by the Quebec native in a matter of seconds.

*Side Note: This match would also add to the tension between Amore and Carmella.

Hideo Itami

– The last time we saw Hideo Itami, he managed to conquer the veteran Curtis Axel. Normally it hurts a brand when two wrestlers continuously compete in rematches, but I picture these two in a rematch. It’s not the worst idea, a mini-feud with Axel may catapult Itami to a top tier feud. Not only will they have a rematch, the outcome will be the same. Chances are, he’ll go over Axel clean. For weeks now, he’s been teasing the use of the GTS (Go to sleep), which the WWE Universe hasn’t seen since last January, and I’m calling that he’ll utilize that move in the finish of this match. Itami has gotten lost in the shuffle since his last feud, and I believe they’ll recreate the fact he’s a big deal.

Finn Balor

– Last week’s edition of NXT showcased Finn Balor against Tyson Kidd, where Balor proved to be the real deal. For tonight, I would imagine he squares off against an opponent of the same caliber, somebody like Tyler Breeze or Sin Cara. Either of these two opponents bring credibility and will show great chemistry with Finn. Although, I’d personally be excited to see a Breeze-Balor match. Of course, I can’t picture him losing, WWE and their NXT creative are grooming a potential mega star. He’ll emerge victorious with a clean win, only adding to his list of accomplishments. Building his reputation is important before he makes the jump to the title picture, but before this he needs to feud with a top guy like Neville to receive that “big win”(as I stated last week). Hopefully creative finds a way, tonight or next week, to insert Balor into that big program. Since he’s easily getting over with the fans, this should be the main event.

Well that’s it folks, those are my predictions for the January 21st edition of NXT. Since there will be a special on the WWE Network on February 11th, creative will be focused on creating important story lines tonight. I’m expecting this show to deliver big, especially with how they picked up momentum last week. Be sure to come back tomorrow and read my analysis, On to the NXT One.

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