The Raw Prediction

We’re officially 6 days away from the Royal Rumble, and the WWE has a lot of planning to do before this Sunday. As of right now, there’s only 3 matches set, and only one of them has had a proper build up. The Rumble match itself seems to be all about Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns, which isn’t helping the other 28 contestants. I’m expecting a lot of development from this week’s edition, and along with WWE leaving a few loose ends that will be tied come Sunday.

-This week’s opener will be similar to last week’s, except there’s no more attention on Eric Rowan, Dolph Ziggler, and Ryback. Last week was a strong week for Seth Rollins, I’m sure he has put doubt into the minds of many fans that think he can’t win, expect him to start the show. He likely won’t start the show on his own, Triple H and the rest of the Authority will be there. John Cena will make his way to the ring, let Mr. Money in the Bank know he’ll be taking him down come Sunday. While Cena goes on a rant about Rollins, Paul Heyman will make an appearance (with or without Lesnar) and give his piece on why Lesnar will win. If there’s another match set between Rollins and Cena expect Lesnar to interfere. This week we’ll be reminded on why Lesnar is the champion, and he’ll do this by pummeling his Royal Rumble opponents . This week’s episode of Raw will be heavy on promoting the Royal Rumble match, so this feud will not be closing the show.

– Tonight is also the Raw Reunion, meaning we’ll see some legends such as Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, etc. I predict these men will be involved in one segment that will be Royal Rumble related. There will be a promo with all of them involved where they talk about their Wrestlemania memories, and announce their favorites to win on Sunday. I can imagine the vast majority of these legends will plug in some hype for Roman Reigns, while one or two may do the same for Bryan. Either way, Hogan will find a way to bring up John Cena .This would be the smartest way to use all of them, it adds a sense of nostalgia and fun to the show. I can also see each of these men being used in different backstage promos. Only thing I hope they don’t schedule is a Kliq reunion, there’s no need to involve that group in any current story.

– As I stated on the Raw Rollup from last week, Roman Reigns and Big Show will have their last match for their feud tonight. The feud between these two men has been less than stellar. If creative had just booked them to have one match, it would’ve been better for both of them .I can guarantee a clean win for Reigns, this way he goes into the Rumble looking stronger than ever. After this match, we’ll most likely see Reigns at the end of the show.

-After a strange week for Dean Ambrose, I can’t predict what this week will have in store for him. He had those terrible psychiatrist segments on Raw, but he gained some momentum by being a big part of the Smackdown main event. I would hate to see him paired with Rusev again, that match did nothing for them. If he’s considered to be feuding with the Authority, maybe a match with Kane would be best. I could also see him in tag team action with Daniel Bryan.

-Speaking of Daniel Bryan, he’ll be involved in a big segment for this week. Bryan will pick up a ton of steam before this Sunday because he’s a favorite to win the Rumble.  He’s already scheduled to face Kane on Smackdown, so I can’t imagine they’d wrestle tonight. One thing I can picture happening is another Bryan-Stephanie promo. These two had a great back and forth, and it would be great to see Bryan get the best of her on the mic, before he beats Kane on Thursday. They probably want him rested up for Sunday, so the idea of him not wrestling isn’t absurd.

-I’m predicting the show ends with a roster wide brawl, with either Bryan or Reigns (or maybe both) standing tall.

I know, my predictions were vague for this week, but I guess some unpredictability is good for the WWE at this time of the year. As I’ve mentioned countless times last week, there’s not many solid programs, so at this point it’s all about building individuals without feuds. I do hope WWE leaves some loose ends that will be resolved in the Royal Rumble match.

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