On to the NXT One

NXT has moved to Wednesday nights, and because of this they will have a stacked card to make sure it is  memorable. This show was filled with great character development, something that was truly needed these past few weeks. There was not many promos, but that was not needed because the matches spoke for themselves.
– As I predicted, Balor would pick up the clean win over Tyson Kidd. As a fan of Balor, I was happy Kidd was willing to put him over. These two had a fluid match, with some of the best selling I have seen. Kidd had great chemistry with Balor, and the two seemed to be a great fit. Balor executed an amazing top rope kick along with a suicide dive. Also, I loved that ring apron spot where Balor took a knee from Kidd, he sold it like a true pro. A match like this can be attributed to the size of these two competitors. Neither of them are to big, but they carry a smaller athletic build which makes them more agile and flexible. When Kidd had Balor’s back bent during the sharpshooter, I thought he was going to snap in half, this is because these two are the perfect size. This was the Irishman’s first one on one match, and he did not disappoint. Balor and Kidd put on a phenomenal opening match, there was no better way to get the crowd on their feet. Finn Balor is one of the many factors that make NXT great, I am excited for what is in store for him next week.
– Up next we get the much anticipated match of Baron Corbin and Bull Dempsy. I was excited for this match, but unfortunately it lasted no longer than two minutes. Corbin dropped Dempsy with the End of Days and the match was over before I could even blink. I said they would feud for a while, but usually when a squash match like this occurs in a feud, the loser does not recover. This match was probably a swerve for most fans.
– The next match was already better than the last. Team BAE (Sasha and Becky) were facing Natalya and Charlotte in tag team action. For the most part, the faces seemed to have control of this match. After taking a few bumps, Sahsa and Becky picked up some momentum with a few double team moves. After the two were done, Sasha got the 3 count on Charlotte while holding a hand full of tights. The Boss really needed this win as Rene Young said, those multiple losses to Charlotte were concerning for her character’s momentum. This match was not anything special, but it was a smart way to progress the Charlotte-Sasha feud. If I had to change one thing it would be inserting either Alexa Bliss or Bayley as Charlotte’s partner instead of Natalya. As we have seen on Raw, Natalya is involved with her own story line, why does she need to be part of this one? Plus Bliss and Bayley have legitimate reasons to battle against Team BAE.
– The main event is Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville, the much anticipated rematch from R-Evolution. A lot of back and forth between these two with a few long pauses to build tension, this was a superb way to add drama. At one point Zayn looks to be knocked out, and cannot get up, but it turns out he was playing possum. The idea of Zayn doing this shows how much his character has grown, because before he would be the one falling for tactics like this. Zayn is being booked as a winner, and it was clear once he hit the Helluva Kick along with pinning Neville clean. During the match there was no sight of Owens, but he sure made his presence was felt during Zayn’s post match celebration. They should have let Owens say something, but instead he left. It has been a month since the beginning of this feud, they need to build on much more than just post match beat downs. This was a great match, and after seeing how it looked with the post match shenanigans, they should have just let Zayn celebrate.
Overall, this was a decent show, and a step in the right direction for NXT. Finn Balor and Baron Corbin came out with clean wins while looking strong, hopefully this means there is bigger things in store for each of these individuals. The Boss finally picked up a win, and Zayn proved he could hang with the likes of Neville (for the second time). I give this show a 7.3/10 or a B-.
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Stay tuned for my Smackdown review, coming out tomorrow.

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