NXT Predictions

NXT has moved to Wednesdays, and WWE is making sure they give us the best card possible. These past few weeks of NXT have not developed much in terms of story line. We have seen a few repeat matches (from R-Evolution), and I accredit that to the holiday season. Now that Christmas and New Years have passed by, we should expect more organic material. This week’s card has already been posted on WWE.com, so I will give my predictions for how these matches will end, and the possible angles coming out of them.

Baron Corbin vs Bull Dempsy 

It is fair to say this is the only feud that has been growing consistently since R-Evolution, and I think it will be the first of multiple matches. Corbin has been booked as unstoppable, and I think he picks up the clean win. I do believe Dempsy will give Corbin a post match beat down. At the end of the day, they cannot build this feud to only have one man looking strong, Dempsy still needs some credibility. Also, Corbin is due for a beat down, this way his obstacle becomes more challenging.

Finn Balor vs Tyson Kidd

After watching Kidd on Raw and how he was used in the divas match, I do not want to see his face on TV (or my computer screen in this case). I guess Kidd has done his job if I still feel frustrated over Paige’s loss on Raw. Either way, he is on his way up to the main roster to tag with Cesaro, meaning he will lose this match clean to Balor. He has nothing to gain from beating Balor, so he will give the rub and credibility to the new comer. Balor is on his way to the top of the NXT mountain and there is no better to began his ascent than to beat a wrestler on his way out. It will be interesting to see what is in store for Finn in the upcoming weeks, I do hope he is set for a one on one feud with someone such as Neville (before he gets called up).

Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville (NXT Championship)

We finally get the much awaited rematch from R-Evolution, where Zayn finally won “the big one”. This match will be tough to predict, simply because we have Kevin Owens lurking in the background. While the other two matches on this card gave us clean finishes, I expect this to be a DQ win for Neville. Owens will come out to attack Zayn, then likely will take out Neville as well. It would be even better if we get a promo from Owens after he interferes. We all know Owens is here to make an impact, but I want to hear more from the Quebec native. What interests me coming out of this match is the future of Adrian Neville. He might stick around for a triple threat feud (with Zayn and Owens) or a non-title feud (Balor), but I picture him defying gravity on Raw sometime soon. I also expect Zayn and Owens to have a long and bitter rivalry for months to come.


I am very excited for this week’s edition of NXT, especially after predicting the set card. These matches should be fun to watch, with tons of possible angles going into next week. Part of me is expecting a swerve somewhere in the show, but I cannot logically think where they would place it.

Leave your comments and predictions!

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