The Raw Rollup


This week’s edition of Raw was live from New Orleans, home of Wrestlemania 30. They also never let us forget that. It is fair to say this Raw was full of ups and downs, but was overall a fun episode. Let’s get started:

-Well maybe predicting Raw was easier than I thought. The only thing I did not see coming was Cena’s upbeat attitude. His opening promo seemed to be going well, he even got the crowd excited. I enjoyed his excitement, right until he wanted the fans to start tweeting “#authoritysucks”, it was unnecessary, and childish. I know its Cena’s style, but he’s requesting his friends be rehired, he should show some class. After some more strong statements, Cena tells us that he will leave with the WWE World Heavyweight title if he wins, and will stay at home until his friends are rehired. The Authority would then interrupt him to set the tone for the night. They called Cena selfish, which was a great way to appeal to the non-Cena fans. Of course I do not think they purposely book him to be selfish, it is more of a character hole. Anyways, the Authority tells Cena  that if he beats Rollins in a lumberjack match, they will bring Ryback, Ziggler, and Rowan. This match began immediately. At this point I was hoping Cena would lose or else that firing would seem pointless. Luckily for story line’s sake, Cena lost this match after much needed interference. I thought it would be better if this ended the show, but in hindsight it was smart that it did not. This segment got the crowd engaged, it was timed perfectly, and it now leaves us guessing how Cena will bring back his Survivor Series comrades.

-A New Day picks up a much needed win against Cesaro and Kidd. As mentioned in my post yesterday, I thought they would have a one on one match with Kidd vs Kofi/Woods. I was shocked in their decision to do a tag team match right away.  The singles match would have been better, that way it would not hurt the team of Cesaro and Kidd. It did not make sense to have both of them lose, especially after building credibility last week.

-Big Show comes out and cuts a promo that seems to be going nowhere, until he mentioned Reigns. During his promo Big Show made a comparison to the New York Knicks, because the city of New Orleans is known for it’s avid support of the Knicks .Big Show at least cut a decent promo, while Roman started off strong, but floundered when he decided to tell a fairy tale . I actually liked Roman’s delivery, but he did not need a campy story to help him come across as a threat. I think Reigns is slowly becoming better with the mic, his script just needs to feel organic. Maybe he just needs a chance to be himself, instead of the person Vince wants him to be. While the two exchanged words, Luke Harper made his way out to the ring for his match with Reigns. The two put on a solid match, and Roman pinned Harper clean. There is definitely no questioning Reigns’ in ring ability. After the match Big Show ambushed Reigns, which makes it obvious the two will have a final encounter next week, most likely cementing Reigns as a Royal Rumble favorite.

– These Ambrose segments became annoying, because it was not progressing his character whatsoever. Although, having him do the Rorschach test was humorous, and it goes to show that Ambrose can make any segment entertaining. He would continue to have a terrible night after this segment, which leads me to ask, why did they feel the need to book him this way? He could have easily had his scheduled match with Rusev, maybe even a back and forth with Lana. I think creative dropped the ball on him, and it is a shame considering how well he was booked on Smackdown. I am not sure if this would have made a difference, but for continuity’s sake, Dr. Shelby should have been paired with the lunatic fringe.

– Heyman comes out to cut a great promo. There is not a single Heyman promo I dislike, but this one could have been saved for the contract signing. Even if they did not do it during the contract signing, they could have done it directly beforehand. I did like that they mentioned the streak, it was a great way of reminding the crowd that Undertaker lost in New Orleans.

– It was not a good night for the Usos, but it was definitely an awesome night for Miz and Mizdow. The comedic duo did a great job at adding in quality WWE style humor. I especially enjoyed their vignettes about the Golden Globe Award Show. These two, or mainly Mizdow, are still quite over with the crowd, but I can sense a break up coming soon. Consider next week the last time they will be on good terms before they become annoyed with each other.

– Bryan comes out and cuts a lackluster promo, but it did not matter, he had the crowd on their feet. After he started the 20th “Yes” chant of the night, Stephanie came out to berate him and let him know he is still a B+ player. She brought out Kane, and Bryan went after him right away. I was cringing from watching Bryan do a suicide dive and getting thrown at the stairs because his injuries were so serious. Either way, great segment, it let us know that Bryan is ready for action and has established himself as another Royal Rumble favorite. I would like to know how healed Bryan truly is, and how long he has felt this way. Another point I want to make, Stephanie and Bryan have amazing mic chemistry with each other, a lot more than he and Hunter had.

– I predicted we would get Paige vs Brie Bella, and we did. Except this had to be the worst divas match I have seen in quite some time. It made sense for Natalya to be out there, but why was Kidd? Kidd is a heel, he should not be ringside for a face. Kidd also distracted Paige, followed by Brie picking up the win. This is a match Paige should have won because she is a top tier diva. Also, lets not forget that Brie finished this match with a rollup pin, which is exactly how another divas match needed to end (I hope you sense my sarcasm).

– After Ambrose’s losing streak continued, the show went to commercial, and went straight to the contract signing. The Authority called out each participant of the triple threat match. Heyman began another rant, and asserted his dominance by telling Seth Rollins “I’m not done yet” when he was generously interrupting Heyman. This was another great promo by Heyman. Rollins then started going off on his own rant about his accomplishments and was talking down to Paul and Brock. I personally give this mic battle to Rollins because he managed to stay on Heyman’s level of articulation and found more passion within his words. Cena felt like an afterthought in this segment, as he just stood there for most of the time. When the contract was signed, mayhem of course ensued, with Rollins standing tall over his two opponents. This was the best way to end this segment, and now gives the fans a reason to believe Rollins will be more than a fall man. After seeing Rollins hold his own on the mic with Heyman, and outsmart both Cena and Lesnar, I am starting to believe he is the most complete wrestler on the roster. This was definitely the best segment on this  Raw.

Side Note:

– Macho Man has finally been chosen to enter the WWE Hall of Fame. It is nice to hear WWE has patched up their relationship with the Poffo Family so that they can pay tribute to Savage’s legacy. Also as I mentioned in my prediction post, Hulk Hogan will induct him.


This Raw had too many ups and downs, it was inconsistent. I found some portions to be fun and entertaining, while others seemed pointless and thoughtless. Due to the lack of consistency shown by WWE creative, this week will score a 6.1/10, or C-. It was slightly better than last week’s, and they did build on certain feuds. The ending truly made this show, and it felt like the go home for the Rumble, but in reality we still have a 12 days left. Next week will probably be more focused on the different Rumble participants.

Feel free to comment on my review, I would love to hear what you thought about last night’s edition of Raw. Stay tuned for my next post on Thursday for NXT.

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