The Raw Prediction

Tonight’s Raw is coming live from New Orleans, Louisiana, the home of Wrestlemania 30. With only 2 weeks away from the Royal Rumble, the WWE brass has a lot of ground to cover. This is my first attempt at writing a prediction for a 3 hour show, and I must admit that it is harder than it looks.

– The opening of the show will recap the firing of Rowan, Ziggler, and Ryback. Chances are we will see John Cena open the show to announce he will find a way to bring them back. I imagine the Authority will make their presence known by entering Cena into a match tonight with unfavorable odds. For some reason I think it will be against Luke Harper .This match will most likely end with a progression in the Rollins-Cena feud. I would expect creative to keep Rollins away from Ambrose and Reigns (at least until Smackdown), and attached to the hip with Cena for the next two weeks. is teasing that Reigns and Ambrose will be punished tonight for embarrassing the Authority (Rollins and Kane) on Smackdown, so I do predict these two will be tied together. Although, since Ziggler and Ryback will not compete tonight, expect Reigns and Ambrose to both be in singles matches. There’s a good chance they are involved in the same in ring promo. We will most likely see another Big Show vs Reigns match, but I am content with this as long as we do not see another Wyatt vs Ambrose match. Both of these wrestlers will leave Raw standing tall as Reigns is a heavy favorite to win the Rumble and Ambrose is a solid dark horse candidate.

-Bray Wyatt is coming off a lackluster feud with Ambrose, and hopefully has brighter days ahead of him. I am not sure if tonight will be the best time for him to begin a fresh feud. I see him participating in a squash match of sorts in order to gain steam for the Rumble. As of now, Wyatt is another one of my dark horse candidates to win the Rumble, and they will want him going in strong. Beating up on some jobbers and cutting some Wyatt style promos will help him.

-It feels like creative is pushing this newly formed Cesaro-Kidd tag team, and it is a smart way to keep both of them relevant. It would be great to see them have some mic time with New Day to push this feud. My prediction this week is that we will see Kidd vs Kofi/Woods and watch this feud slightly progress. The New Day should pick up the win tonight if these two groups square off, they need some credibility after being man handled by Cesaro and Kidd last week.

-If the booking stays consistent with the Divas, it is fair to say Paige and Nikki may be on a collision course. The idea to turn Paige face was brilliant, especially if WWE needs someone else to help promote Total Divas. Paige is due for another push, especially how she tumbled out of the title picture after losing to AJ in their long feud. I expect this week for Paige to face Brie Bella. This match will most likely end with a DQ or Brie winning because of a distraction. I would not mind Nikki and Paige exchanging words on the mic, they are complete opposites and I would love to hear how they interact.

-Lastly, I have just read that WWE is planning to induct Macho Man Randy Savage into the Hall of Fame. This is arguably the most anticipated inductee because of all the history Vince has had with him. It was also tweeted by WWE that Hulk Hogan will be inducting him. I would imagine they announce this tonight.

BOLD PREDICTION: Since both Bryan and Lesnar are advertised for tonight’s show, I have a feeling they may tease a feud between the two. Bryan went on record last week saying he wants Lesnar, they would be wise to at least tease it.

This time of the year is usually tough for WWE. Booking long term feuds would be pointless because the Rumble is close. The tone of this show will be set by Cena and Rollins, expect them to have the most air time, just because it is the only feud worth pushing into and possibly after the Rumble.

If you have any predictions, feel free to leave them in the comment section!

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